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I’ve been a recipient of County services. I’m a County employee. And I’m running to be our County Commissioner in District 4.

For over 20 years I have worked to improve the lives of our most vulnerable populations working for both the State of Minnesota and Hennepin County. Seeing holes in these systems and how small inefficiencies made for bigger inequities led me to work within the County to improve those services.

We live in the most diverse district in the County, but our leadership doesn’t reflect this. I am running to amplify community voices in decision-making and make the County Board a true reflection of the diverse communities it serves. We must center the lives of working people, families, renters, communities of color, and indigenous communities in our work.

We deserve leaders who go out of their way to inform and educate their constituents about essential parts of our government—our current Commissioner has not made these efforts during his 27 years in office.

I am dedicated to making the County a more effective and inclusive form of government.

- Angela

Vision and Priorities

Racial Equity & Justice

It is time to raise up the voices of those whose lives are constantly and relentlessly impacted by the color of their skin, whose voices have gone unheard and are continuously ignored.

Service Delivery

We must move toward a model of integration and co-location of county human and social services to reduce the burden on families and individuals needing career guidance, housing, healthcare and other supports.


Housing is one of our most basic needs, and far too many of our residents live in unstable or insecure housing situations. The County is uniquely positioned to lead housing reform and address this crisis.

Safe, Accessible and Affordable Transportation

I used to be that single mother on the bus with a stroller, so I understand the importance of a strong public transportation system. I prioritize safety, accessibility, and affordability for all transit riders, cyclists, and pedestrians.

Workers' Rights

The cornerstone of our campaign is building community power, and nowhere is that power more visible than in the achievements of working people collectively bargaining for better lives for themselves and their families.

Policing & Criminal Justice Reform

As a social worker, I know the importance of social justice advocacy alongside activism. Just as I have stood up against injustices in the streets, I will do the same in my elected office.


The County has a responsibility to lead development projects that prioritize environmental health. I will advocate for common-sense clean air and water solutions.

This is District 4