10 Reasons to Vote Conley by November 6th

1. She knows how to manage money. In her job at Hennepin County, Angela manages an annual budget of $34 million.

2. Less than 1% of Hennepin County contracts go to businesses owned by people of color. As an operations coordinator, Angela manages contract relationships between the county and nonprofits serving low-income people in our neighborhoods. She knows how to hold contractors accountable to county goals.

3. She is bold. Despite being told to sit down and wait her turn, Angela’s been running for over a year to represent the people of District 4. Her willingness to question the status quo will continue once she is elected.

4. Angela understands that transit means more than simply light rail. It also means buses that move people to and from light rail, equal access for people with disabilities, and affordable fares for all.

5. Angela is committed to ending cash bail, a practice that penalizes people of color and the poor at higher rates. Keeping people in jail, regardless of guilt, has the effect of increasing their likelihood to commit crimes in the future. Ending this practice makes sense for the well-being of our communities and for the county’s financial health.

6. She is a renter in a city with a housing crisis. Soaring rents and minimal housing stock cause real hardships for many in District 4. Angela has lived the same struggle and has smart plans for housing that work for the community.

7. Angela worked her way through school, eventually earning a Master of Public Administration degree (she has the student debt to prove it).

8. Health disparities plague Hennepin County and Minneapolis in particular. Angela will work to mitigate environmental health hazards that are impacting some of our most impoverished neighborhoods.

9. In the most diverse district of the state’s most diverse county, leadership should reflect the community. Representation matters. Angela will create the first Racial Equity Advisory Council to make certain that race is not an afterthought when it comes to policy.

10. Angela’s campaign is built on the idea that community voices matter. She believes that experts are those with lived experience. If elected, she’ll bring all of our voices with her to the Hennepin County Board.