Safe, Accessible, and Affordable Transportation

I used to be that single mother on the bus with a stroller, so I understand the importance of a strong public transportation system. Our district continues to develop rapidly and absolutely must provide multiple options for transportation. I will support our transit operators and prioritize safety, accessibility, and affordability for all transit riders, cyclists, and pedestrians.

  • I will collaborate with the Metropolitan Council to expand the Transit Assistance Program by uncovering potential funding opportunities. I will partner with cities to plan intersection design to decrease collisions and fatalities. This partnership would bring impacted community members (cyclists, drivers, pedestrians, rail operators, and bus drivers) into state, city, and county planning.

  • I will work with the City of Minneapolis to improve winter maintenance of bikeways and sidewalks, to better manage snow and ice. I will work with city council members to evaluate costs and set a clear policy for snow clearing that is not limited to roads.

  • I will prioritize community voices around transportation needs in all future development Hennepin County takes part in. The community has called for bus rapid transit (BRT) on Chicago Ave, where the route 5 bus currently runs, connecting Bloomington to Brooklyn Center (D Line). This is the highest ridership route in the region, cutting right through the 4th district. I am a strong supporter of the D Line and will seek funding from county resources to bring this line to fruition.

  • I will work hard to continue Minneapolis' bike-friendly designation, and collaborate with community and all levels of local government to identify county roads for new, protected bike lanes and secure the funding necessary for their design, building, and maintenance.