Racial Equity & Justice

Racial disparities in Minnesota are among the worst in this nation. We must make constant forward progress toward equity and justice for all people living and working in Hennepin County. I have served for two years on the Adult Mental Health Local Advisory Council, and in this work I have seen the importance of community leadership in finding the right solutions to the problems that affect them. It is time to raise up the voices of those whose lives are constantly and relentlessly impacted by the color of their skin, whose voices have gone unheard and are continuously ignored.


  • I will form the first-ever Hennepin County Racial Equity Advisory Council. Upon election, my first act as commissioner will be to propose a resolution to establish this council and begin accepting applications.

  • This council will consist of at-large members, community activists working to reduce disparities, and members of target populations from various ethnic backgrounds bearing the brunt of inequality in our county.

  • Each year, this council will present the board with budget priorities based on unmet needs within the county that specifically address inequity.