Humane Corrections System

  • Community-based alternatives to youth detention rooted in restorative justice
  • Proactive services to significantly reduce racial disparities in our corrections systems
  • Cure Violence model to violence prevention

Homelessness Prevention and Supports

  • Intergovernmental Collaboration to expand Hennepin County’s shelter system
  • Inclusive, targeted health and wellness support
  • Prioritize the needs of people newly released from incarceration
  • Support for survivors of intimate partner violence
  • Prioritize collaborative housing strategies for our youth and LGBTQIA community

Heightened communication between county departments

  • Integration of service delivery using person-first approaches
  • Reduction of the burden on families accessing multiple systems at once

Holistic Human Services

  • Increase outcomes for individuals and families focusing on wellness first and career connections
  • Family-first model within child protection and child welfare systems to eliminate generational poverty and promote re-unification using trauma-informed and research-based practice
  • Provide holistic supports and career pathways for long-term foster children

Honoring Community

  • Prioritizing community voice and representation in decision-making
  • Ensuring transportation systems are safe, accessible and affordable for all and our transit workers and riders are protected
  • Creating and expanding upon fare subsidies for low-income, youth, homeless, veterans, seniors and disabled community members
  • Evaluating community-benefits for new infrastructure projects
  • Increasing air quality in marginalized communities using community-led initiatives

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