Policing & Criminal Justice Reform

Across the country and locally, we have seen activists elected to public office as the critical next step in addressing the epidemic of state-sanctioned violence against Black, Brown and Indigenous populations.  Representation matters. Our communities must be reflected at all levels of government in order to effectively take on and overcome this problem. If elected, I will be the first ever Black Commissioner to serve Hennepin County. As a social worker, I know the importance of social justice advocacy alongside activism. Just as I have stood up against injustices in the streets, I will do the same in my elected office.

  • I will work with judges, community activists, previously incarcerated youth and adults to eliminate the cash bail system, which criminalizes people for being poor. Eliminating this system will also save the county money.

  • I will work to enact policy that requires low-level offenses be met with restorative justice instead of jail. Hennepin County is behind the times when it comes to alternatives to incarceration, and I will champion initiatives that work.