Ilhan Omar

Minnesota State Representative (MN-60B)

"I'm excited to endorse Angela Conley for Hennepin County Commissioner in District 4. As an employee of the County and recipient of its services, Angela understands how essential change at the County layer is. I trust in Angela's lived experience, the integrity of her values, and the strength of her leadership."


Lisa Bender

President, Minneapolis City Council

"Angela Conley is the kind of leader we need on the Hennepin County Board: dedicated to centering community voices in solving the biggest challenges ahead. I know she will be a critical partner with the city council to build and preserve affordable housing, invest in local transit service, improve social services and reform our criminal justice system. She has my full support."

Angela and Andrea.jpg

Andrea Jenkins


Vice President, Minneapolis City Council

"Angela's historic race will make her the first Black woman to sit on the Hennepin County board.  Angela is a true reflection of the changing demographics in our district bringing with her a wealth of knowledge about county operations through her career at both the county and state creating systemic change from within."


Susan Allen

MN House Representative District 62B

“Angela is a leader that will fight to protect us and uplift our voices in all that she does as Hennepin County Commissioner.”


Londel French

Minneapolis Park Board Commissioner

“I trust Angela to fight for access and inclusion while working hard to eliminate racial and economic gaps. We need someone on the county board who will fight hard for us.”


Amy Brendmoen

President, St. Paul City Council

"In strong DFL areas, we can (and should) be actively and purposefully encouraging and electing new leaders like Angela Conley who will bring fresh perspectives and new ideas to county leadership."


Gary Cunningham

Metropolitan Council Member, District 7

“With her experience in county and state leadership and deep roots in her community, I have no doubt that she will bring real, sustainable change to the 4th district in our county.”


Alex Boutros

MyDFL President

“Angela’s commitment to public health will move the County toward a new era of intersectional, justice-minded governance.”


Lena K. Gardner

Faith Leader, Organizer, Activist

“I am thrilled to endorse Angela Conley for Hennepin County Commissioner. She has 20 years of experience in the county and knows its workings well.”

Stonewall DFL-04.jpg

Stonewall DFL Caucus

"A" Rating

“Stonewall DFL is proud to support Angela Conley for Hennepin County Commissioner in District 4. Angela has a strong history of bringing forward LGBTQ+ issues in her own intersectional advocacy.”